Half way building the 42009 B model


42009 B model

It took me some time to ‘unbuild’ the crane model. I am using that word purposely because it takes some smarts and a lot of patience to take it apart without having to resort to the use of tools that should remain in the toolbox. I am into day two of the new build and this is what I’ve got so far. It will be a telehandler with a prop to pick up containers.  The container and a lorry to load it on are also part of the build. As with most sets the A model is by far superior. But it’s nice enough.  I like the way the cabin can be raised and lowered. Execution of this idea however is very poor.  The black gear on the front is connected to the gearing that raises and lowers the cabin via a long axle. There is too much resistance to use this without twisting and permantently disforming the axle. Maybe some more gearing down would do the trick.



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