Thoughts about the 42009 B model


As with the A model I find the boom extremely heavy compared to the rest of the model. It is very densely build with many reinforcements. And of course it should be or else it would come apart when it is extended or takes some weight. It makes one worry the linear actuators will break.
The lorry looks like it is imagined together from the collection of parts is left over after building the container grabber. But it works. It has four wheel steering and a nice locking system to secure the container. It is a shame there is no engine. The designer could easily have opted to not put a V8 in the container grabber, but instead make it a four cilinder so there would be parts left to build an engine for the lorry.
On the end of the boom there is the actual device that grabs the container and it is of beautiful design. Small arms help align the grabber to the container and four pins move in to both short sides of  the container and ‘hook’  in. This is one of the power functions. 
I enjoyed building it. But it will not be a display item.



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